Cartridge filters are easily produced modular filters that are placed into housings and work in eliminating particles, or in lesser instances chemicals from water. There are numerous materials that makeup cartridge filters, which some being composed from polypropylene or wound strands. Water filter cartridges usually last up to one year depending on the amount of water that is used at your home, business, or industrial plant. Tanks have an average lifespan of three to ten years, however larger tanks have longer usability as compared to smaller tanks.     

What is a water filter catridge?

Cartridge filters are one of the most preferred filtration products for removing sediments and particles from water supplies. These suspended solids increase in concentration throughout water sources from many instances in life, such as stormwater runoff and rotting pipes that can leave debris in water. These water bodies eventually become discolored and unappealing which make them unable to be used in households and businesses.

Unwanted occurrences are significantly more likely to arise on equipment, such as clogging and degradation of water heaters, coolers, shower fixtures, valves, including reduction of system performance. Reverse osmosis systems and UV sterilizers require clean water in order to operate efficiently. For this reason, water treatment operators frequently utilize cartridge filters to ensure clean water is being used throughout the water filtration process. 

Rainwater can also transfer soil, sand, silt, and clay into groundwater supplies, which can be transported through water mains into your residence. Sediment cartridge filters help to prevent these solid particulates from reaching restaurants that lower the quality of food and beverages being produced. The particulate matter will also lead to scaling of common appliances such as faucets and fixtures, resulting in staining and malfunctioning, which leads to replacements being needed.

The lifespan of your other filters will be extended through the use of cartridge filters as well. Pool cartridge filters are another type of sediment filter that stop dirt and clay from dirtying an aesthetically pleasing swimming water.

How does the cartridge process look like?

Cartridge filters utilize a process of mechanical filtration that works in physically averting the flow of suspended solids from your water supply (like a screen door). Just like a person would want fresh air to transmit through their household, dusts and other particles would be preferably not brought along with it. High quality cartridge filters contain sufficient porosity to ensure users that only permit water flow without worrying about the presence of sediments in their water supply.

Some cartridge filters collect vast quantities of dirt by utilizing extensive surface dimensions. In fact, most cartridge filters sufficiently remove suspended particles by using a gradient density depth construction. Water is pushed through durable filter media that tighten the pathway along the resin, which work to remove particulates of smaller size the deeper it gets.  

Which impurities do water filter cartridges remove? 

Other than the aforementioned types of substances that produce water quality issues, sediment cartridge are highly useful in eliminating turbidity from water. The occurrence of turbidity in water is very apparent due to the arisen of a cloudy texture brought by elevated levels of suspended solids. This subsequently leads to a distortion of the water's color from blue to brownish-orange, or yellow.

Since cartridge filters are designed to be pre-filtration products, they are typically utilized before other water treatment systems to take out substances that can cause problems for these other units. Cartridge filters do remove organic substances, chemicals, salts metals, dissolved solids, taste or odor from your water supply. For this reason, it is necessary to use these filters along with other filtration processes such as reverse osmosis and disinfection systems (UV).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Pros of Cartridge Filters:

  • Easier to maintain for longer periods of time than other filters
  • Does not waste saline within salt water pools
  • Reduces energy consumption through less pump pressure
  • Eradicates unwanted particles as small as 10-15 microns