milk collection and transport

Factories and farmers face challenges when it comes to collection of milk. This issue is is about choosing the best milk lorries or milk containers since distance from the picking area to factories need to be considered.

Milk collection from small scale farmers consist of simple collection point with shades to minimize temperature rise of milk.

Large scale farmers use bulk tankers which are insulated to prevent temperature rise before reaching to required destination.

Agreed collection times of farms and dairy factories need to be considered as well as delays due to traffic congestion which may result in late arrivals.

Stainless steel cans are mostly used for milk deliveries.

It is prefered to transport milk during morning hours to take advantage of low morning temperatures during transit.

Safe handling of milk is based on two principles

Avoid or minimize contamination at the various stages of handling raw milk.

Reduce the growth and activity of the micro-organisms in raw milk.

Requirements of a bulk raw milk transport tanker

  • Should be properly designed and insulated.
  • Milk contact surfaces should be made of stainless steel.
  • Should be cleaned and sanitized before use.
  • All external valves must be provided with means of protection against dust,dirt and road debris.
  • Cleaning and bactericidal treatment is undertaken of all product contact surfaces including valves, hoses, covers, pumps and pump compartment before use.

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Goals of milk collection and transportation

To transport milk to factories in large quantities.

To reduce transport cost since all farmers can transport all milk in one truck, mortocycle or van.

Low in milk bacterial counts.

Minimize milk spoilage since milk tanks keep the milk cool due to insulation.

With all these goals you are sure that your milk will get to the required destination while still fresh and also cool.