Milking machines solve the problem of milking cows quickly,cleanly and gently without use of alot of manpower which leads to tiredness.

Goals of using milking machines

  • Reduce manpower that would result to tiredness during milking.
  • Produce clean milk free from contact with farmers skin or udder of the cow.
  • Produce a lot of milk in less time.
  • save cost that would be used to hire workers to do the milking.

Results of using milking machines

  • produce clean and safe milk.This is due to the fact that milk does not come into contact with the farmers skin by spilling on the hands.Another reason is that the milk does not come into contact with the cows external area of the udder or within the udder where there might be solid particles that may come into contact with the milk.
  • Produce alot of milk in less time. The machines pulls a vacuum on the teat of the cow resulting to milk flow at a high rate as compared to use of hands.
  • Save cost. Machines save cost especially in large scale farming.The farm owner has to hire workers to milk the cows each and every day which result to usage of lots of money. With the machines the farm just sets up the machine and waits for it to complete milking and that's done.
  • Reduce manpower. No need to get tired since the machine makes work easier.Hands become tired during milking especially if the cow is a high milk producer hence the machine makes work easier because you only set up the machine to all the tits and wait till it exhausts and move to the next cow.

Best  milking machines

best milking machines are categorised either single cow or double cow milking machine. They are available at an affordable price by just visiting our website to get the best machine that you prefer by one click here buymoremall

Single cow milking machines include

  • YDH-001 that has powerful electric motor to milk cow at a fast rate.
  • Melasty and Gibsons that milk a single cow within 5 minutes to produce 30litre capacity tank.

Double cow milking machines include

  • Melasty and Kunstan which milk two cows simultaneously with two 30litre capacity.