• Milk test is carried out to make sure that the milk is clean and low in bacteria count.

Good products can only be produced only from good-quality raw milk.

features of good milk

  • Quality raw milk has to be free of debris and sediments.
  • free of off-flavours and abnormal colour and oduor.
  • free of acidity

Milk testing and quality control should be carried out at all stages of the dairy chain to ensure the milk is of good quality.These include appearance, taste, compositional characteristics and chemical characteristics

Testing methods

  • Taste,smell and visual observation(arganoleptic tests).
  • Density or lactometer tests to measure density of milk.
  • Clot-on-boiling to determine whether milk is sour.
  • Gerber test to measure the amount of fat in the milk.
  • alcohol test which indicate cagulation as well as intensity of acidity.
  • chemical tests such as urea,cane sugar,formalin.
  • acidity test.used to determine the level of natural or developed acidity in milk.The level of acidity can be expressed in two ways titratable acidity and pH.
  • Dye reduction test show comparative activity ofthe micro-organism in milk hence used as a rough indication of the microbial load in milk.It is based on the observation of the blue colour imparted in the milk, which will disappear with time.
  • Resazurin test.This test works on the principle of a dye indicator which changes colour when oxidized.
  • Butterfat test. Used for determining the butterfat content in milk and milk products.

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