Milk chiller is used to hold milk in large storage tank for cooling and holding milk at a cold temperature until it can be picked by a milk hauler.

Milk chiller is the most important component in making sure milk makes it from cow to dairy counter at a safe and healthy temperature.

The process of pasteurization heats milk.Dairy chillers remove heat during the pasteurization process and cool milk down to an appropriate temperature.

Keeping milk at cool temperature prevents milk from growing harmful bacteria and deteriorating. By using a dairy chiller, farmers are able to extend the milk's storage life, and allows time to safely transport milk to stores. 

Farmers are facing a big challenge since milk goes bad before reaching to required destination especially if it is stored for more hours. This is where milk chiller becomes the most important to use as farmers are sure that their milk will stay for long while still fresh.

Types of dairy chillers

The size of your dairy operation will decide what type of dairy chiller you need.

One of the dairy chiller use a double-walled tank with water and cooling coils that surrounds the milk tank.It uses a compressor which builds ice around the coils in the double-walled area.

Once the ice reaches a certain thickness, the compressor shuts off and the ice quickly cools the milk. This king of chiller is suitable if you have a smaller dairy farm of up to 40 cows.

Large dairy farms require chillers with different type of design such as plate chiller. Most plate chillers use glycol and water to cool milk. These chillers push milk through stainless steel plates to a glycol and water mixture on the other side, which cools milk to an appropriate temperature.

Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled chillers

Air-cooled transfer heat to the surrounding air while water-cooled transfer heat to a water source such as cooling tower.

Air-cooled chillers require an open, airy space because they rely on consistent stream of fresh air to function.

Air-cooled are easier to set up because they have a more simplistic design, and perfomance best in areas that have water shortage.

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Why use milk chiller

It helps in keeping milk at cool temperature.

Keeps milk for long period of time before going bad.

The result of using milk machine is that it stores milk for long period before it is transported to required destination. It also helps in keeping milk away from bacteria which makes milk to go bad easily and fast.