herritech ventures water refilling station process

Herritech Ventures Water refilling station Process  are dictated by  the customers raw water quality. The typical steps are filtration (several stages), softening, and disinfecting.

1. Raw water is usually taken from a borehole well or surface water source. 

2. It enters the filtration system and is passed through several screens and meshes to remove grit and sediment particles.

3. Next, the water passes through a column of activated carbon, where impurities are absorbed as part of the process of purification, before entering a tank for storage if being used immediately or holding tanks before being transported to other sites for use by the station’s customers.

4. Softening is usually achieved with ion-exchange resin beds, where calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium ions. The softening process may also involve a reverse osmosis stage to remove dissolved silica, which can lead to clogging of the filter beds.

5. The water is disinfected with ultraviolet light before being pumped to the refilling station’s underground storage tanks, ready for sale and use by customers. 

6. Herritech Ventures Refilling stations are equipped with sophisticated filtration Accessories and associated equipment, such as UV light facilities and hydrogen peroxide injection into their supply water tanks to provide pure drinking water quality every time it is dispensed for use by customers.

7. The water is distributed to customers through a network of pipes from the refilling station tanks. Starting

a water refilling station and supply water to customers is the top business in Kenya that you should invest on. Kenya is now a hub for great business and its demand for water is very high. The process of owning a water refilling station in Kenya is very simple. 

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