RO Borehole Water Purifier

The principle of RO water treatment system is that raw water passes through reverse osmosis membrane under high pressure, and the solvent in water diffuses from low concentration to high concentration to achieve the purpose of separation, purification and concentration.

Reverse osmosis water treatment system can remove bacteria, viruses, colloid, organic matter and more than 99% soluble salts in water.


RawWater -Prechlorination-Sand filtration -Microfiltratin-Carbon filtration-Ultrafiltration-Precision filtration-UV sterilization

The RO Purifier Advantages

High salt rejection

Stable perfomance and low cleaning frequency

Proper monitoring to ensure good water output quality

Automatic control system

Long life,low energy consumption and low maintenance cost


1. Filter cartridge’s service life mainly depends on raw water quality, but normally they can service for 3 months if the raw water is from tap.

2.RO membranes normally can service for 2-3 years. If you found the output rate is decreasing or TDS is still high after chemical cleaning, please replace them.