Solar pumping solutions in kenya

Herritech Ventures Ltd. is a private investment company established with the purpose of providing reliable water treatment and solar solutions to countries in Africa.

We endeavor to address the water scarcity, the challenging water quality as well as the growing demand for green energy through our solar solutions and equipment for water pumping and treatment machines.

Since its establishment in June 2015, Herritech ventures has been on a journey, seeking solutions to address these challenges in various areas: We offer customized solutions based on your water source example:  borehole water, well, or hand-dug dam and can provide both solar pumping solutions for pumping water as well as water treatment solutions.


We also aim to work closely with local communities, collaborating with them to develop better water infrastructure and to support economic development.

We work with a vision of providing clean water access and electricity to every African village by 2050. Herritech is committed to giving back to the communities we serve, by offering jobs and supporting local businesses.

This enables us to be close enough to the communities we serve so that we can hear their feedback and give them a real voice in how the business is run.