H-tech milk pasteurizer

Milk pasteurizer is a dairy equipment used in mild heat treatment of milk where it is typically heated to below 100 °C.Wildly used in fresh milk ,milk/dairy beverage.Especially suitable for heat-sensitive liquid processing

The milk is gently heated to keep it from browning, at the same time, the heat recovery efficiency can reach up to more than 90%, to greatly save energy consumption

Full-automatic dual purpose plate pasteurization/ yogurt pasteurization system is mainly composed of multi-stages plate heat exchanger, balance tank, sanitary pump, hot water tank, auto-control valves, steam system

The benefits of using a heat exchanger to pasteurize milk

  • Heat exchangers provide uniform treatment, and there is greater flexibility with regards to the pmilk  which can be pasteurized on the plates
  • The process is more energy-efficient 
  • Greater throughput

 On the basis of ensuring the high efficient heat recovery, it has also improved the processing technology by quickening the temperature rising speed of sterilizing and reducing the processing preparation time, and thus improved working efficiency.

 If the product is adequately processed, it is cooled in a heat exchanger, then filled.

The company designs and produces high quality containers and equipment according to the customer's technical specifications.

It also designs, installs, and launches (starts) production lines for milk