HTECH Cooking Oil ATM | Salad Oil ATM 
It's clear that vegetable cooking oil is expensive and not everybody can afford one liter bottle of this commodity.
 That is where HERRI-TECH VENTURES LTD comes in with the new cash-cow idea in KENYA. 
The HTECH cooking oil ATM also known as Salad oil /vegetable oil vending machine is most definitely one of the new inventions in Kenya that is guaranteed to change your fortunes within no time.
 With the aid of the HTECH cooking oil ATM customers can get access pints from as low as 10 shillings. A healthier cheaper option. 
HERRITECH VENTURES LTD has perfected the art of assembling and programming this HTECH cooking oil ATM vending machine from scratch with the help of our qualified technicians. 
We have managed to attain perfect accuracy which is almost impossible to achieve with the use of the calibrated liter jug. 
Why you should choose HTECH cooking oil ATM? 
  our cooking oil ATM Vending machines are easy to move or transport making them convenient to deliver to any location countrywide. 
Thanks to our agility, our machines can allow for customized calibration to the last liter. We have seen to it that all our cooking oil ATM vending machines have met the proper health and hygiene standards.
 All equipment including our pumps are of high FOOD grade.